Chocolate-Drenched Salted Peanut Cajeta Cups

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I woke up with an odd hankering for goat milk the other day and I couldn’t figure out why.  I think it was a remnant of a dream I couldn’t quite hang onto in my morning haze, because truth be told, I’m not actually a huge fan of goat milk.  I love goat cheese till there’s no tomorrow, but I’ve never been a straight chugger of the milk itself.  This is in direct contrast to my 14 month old; I’m […]

Raclette Party with two of our favorite amici Italiani and their new bambino

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Back in the ‘70’s the question du jour was “Do you fondue?”  If your answer to this simple question was not affirmative I’m told you would be virtually cast away to Gilligan’s Island to live out your days far, far away from Studio 54, Jean Michel Basquiat and all things polyester.  I’m hoping to start a new, globally-sweeping trend now that we’re nearing the bend of 2010 (hard to believe, isn’t it!) by busting out my raclette set and throwing […]

Gelato al Aglio Cioccolato (Garlic Chocolate Gelato) and two other tried and true flavors…

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I was pretty nervous to serve my guests garlic chocolate gelato last night.  That’s why I made three flavors, so that if they didn’t like the garlic chocolate they could delight in the obvious goodness of gianduja chocolate chip, for example.  Or take global comfort in the spicy delicacy of cardamom pistachio, from India and Italy with love.  The good news is that I had plied all 5 of them with enough wine throughout dinner to loosen their lips, so […]

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