Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: Farm-to-Table Turkey, a Thanksgiving Tale

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In an effort to raise consciousness regarding the origin of the revered food that regularly graces our bountiful table, I decided to trace much of my Thanksgiving feast back to its natural state.  The quest detailed herein focuses on the journey of the turkeys with supporting star mentions going out to spectacular sides as well; Tom Tom couldn’t have done it alone.  Tom Tom is the celebrity-inspired collective name for both of our Thanksgiving turkeys.  Since they’re on the smaller […]

Makin’ Bacon 101

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It’s quite a stretch to go from turning up your snout at swinery and slathering dry cure on a pork belly, let me tell you.  Why the sudden change of heart? It wasn’t so sudden, really, kind of like conquering the final frontier, which for me happened to be pork.  I slipped out of lifelong vegetarianism a few years back, but always viewed the swine side of life as a jiggly pink world I wasn’t much interested in until recently.  […]

Crock Pot Kitsch: Pulled Pork Sliders on Homemade Kaiser-esque Rolls

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I finally broke down and bought a crock pot.  I can actually technically say crock pot, since crock pot is a proprietary term coined by Rival, the company who started the craze back in 1971, and that’s the brand I’ve got in my meaty clutches.   I had very little desire for one of these contraptions until we had a horrendous week-long heat wave in Seattle last July.  Since it’s Seattle and we hold steady in the temperate high 70’s for […]

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