Sous Vide Lamb Chops for all the Lovely Lamb Chops in Your Life

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 torching lamb

All three men in my life love meat.  The cat loves it for innate canine reasons that I can’t fault.  My husband loves it so much an ex once broke up with him because she thought his diet was excessively carnivorous.  My 18 month-old toddling bundle Bentley Danger gnaws on steak above chocolate, leading me to believe it somehow runs in the family.  It’s slightly appalling to me given the fact that I only started eating meat several years ago and I still view it as more of an accoutrement than a centerpiece, but I guess boys will be boys. 

lovely lamb

In an effort to satisfy their primal desires I try to make a red meat-focused dinner at least once a week.  I get bored of filet mignon on the barbie which is what I think Jonas would prefer; from Angus to Kobe he just really enjoys that umami richness.  I’m forever dousing steaks in tamari, garlic, ginger, even hoisin sauce, which makes them tender, flavorful, and often decidedly un steak-like, according to Jonas.  I decided to treat him to a serious dose of unadorned meat, but went with lamb because I think it has so much more natural flavor than good-ole beef. 

get ready, lambies

I didn’t do much to pull this dinner together, in fact sometimes the simpler the better, I’ve found.  Just a quick smattering of salt and pepper, a vacuum seal in the sous vide, and a two hour cooking period at 134°.  Once I took the chops out of their bath and let them rest for a spell, I torched them on all sides with my overly-miniature crème brulee torch.  This helps to take the anemic pink-grey hue away, but it also caramelizes and seals in the meaty flavor. 


I served the lamb chops with healthy broccoli and cauliflower, but I couldn’t let it be that boring so I whisked together a cheddar cream sauce in which to douse the veggies.  They were happy to be covered by a layer of cheesy goodness, meanwhile my family had our calcium requirement satisfied in a rich and creamy way.  This simple, satisfying meal is the kind that makes me miss my kitchen when I’m away. It’s relatively easy to pull together with the right equipment, yet elegant in its homey ease.

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  9. We can thank Prometheus for providing the flame of inspiration and the power to sear the hell out of meat. Fire make it good!! Beautiful and simple meal. The lamb looks beautiful! I haven’t prepared it much, but this is inspiring me to keep an eye out for a lil’ lamb chops the next time I’m at the market. Mary had a little lamb… and it was delicious.

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