Salt-Encrusted Game Hens with Parsnip Gnocchi in Meyer Lemon Cream Sauce

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Last night’s dinner was really a mouthful. So many different elements played off eachother to compose each tasty bite it was hard to keep from shoving it all in at warp speed.  First let me talk about the mmmlicious Meyer lemons. The blogosphere is Meyer lemon-mad right now; everyone and their Nana is using them in everything from curds to pannacotta, limoncello to lemonade.  It’s easy to understand why, the little hybrid sweet tart buggers couldn’t be more delicious right […]

Smoked Garlic Powder: The Things I Do For Sous Vide

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Disclaimer: this post will mention sous vide cooking, I know, I know, again.  It will have value for anyone, though, since good garlic powder is something all of us should have in our kitchen arsenal.

The lovely pulverized goodness that inspired this post came to be as a result of mucking and fuddling about with my newish favorite kitchen gadget- the Sous Vide Supreme.  Now that it’s been out for a few months there are plenty of converts and just as […]

Cabo San Lucas is for Foodies

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I was in Cabo San Lucas last week, hence the dearth of posts. I was there for a stiletto ninja training workshop, aka rest, relaxation, food, drinkies and fabulousness.  I committed the cardinal blogger sin, you know what I mean, don’t pretend you don’t. Yes, I forgot my camera. Ok, so I brought along the video camera, which helps, but still! You will sadly miss out on all the enticing foodgasms I experienced in Cabo, but I may just have to feature […]

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