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The last few days have seen a dearth of blogging for yours truly. There are tantalizing recipes coming, and splendid pictures to tempt the eyes, however I am ironing out some technical difficulties.  Your regularly scheduled programming will return before you can say “hand-cut chocolate ravioli filled with Shuksan strawberries in lavender crema pasticcera.” In the meantime, please enjoy this cheeky video mission statement shot by the maddeningly-talented Luuvu Hoang.  Luuvu is a food cinematographer of the highest order. He […]

Smoked Fresh-Killed Chicken with Cottage Cheese Triple Cream Noodles

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Dinners that elicit utter silence in guests are the ones to strive for. When the food takes precedence and words simply do not form in your head, you have achieved something great.  This was one of those meals.

It all started a few weeks ago when an amazing blogger friend stated “You cook the most exotic food. Do you ever just roast a chicken?” I decided to take it as a challenge, because truth be told, I rarely just roast a […]

Tequila-Salt Flame-Baked Prawns with Lime over Hominy

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Since time immemorial, mankind has brought his food from a live state to the plate in short order. Sadly, the amazing modern preservation techniques discovered in the last 100 years have had the unfortunate side effect of causing major disconnect between the cock and the coq au vin, or in this case the prawn to the plate.  It is so disheartening when I think of my personal experience with this travesty, I almost feel like chalking up nearly 20 years […]

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