Carne Battuta al Coltello con Uova di Quaglia

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Something we gut-wrenchingly miss about Italy: the plentiful celebratory festivals that take place in small towns across the countryside. A typical Saturday in Piedmont would consist of Jonas and me revving up the Alfa to hit the hills in search of a gathering of townfolk united in their reverence for classic Fiat 500’s, white truffles, esoteric antiques, gelato, formaggio, vino, et cetera.  One of our favorites was the Festival delle Sagre, translated that’s the Festival of Festivals.  It takes place […]

Fox News: Foodie Fashionista Live Cooking Demo

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Super quick post to point you to the video version of my live cooking demo on Fox News this morning. Figured I’d share with those who didn’t have a chance to watch, for one reason or another (aka geography and jobby jobs).  This is Steak Diane in action, straight from a former stiletto ninja.  I didn’t even burn the dapper Italian suit the debonaire anchor was wearing, though I did splatter a bunch of grease on my new dress- c’est […]

Steak Diane with Morels Recipe: in Video and on the News

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This Steak Diane recipe means serious business. At the risk of your eyebrows, you will have one of the best meals of your life if you follow it to a tee. If you live in Seattle, you can watch me make it live on tv on the 9am News on Fox channel Tuesday, July 27th as a teaser for my MasterChef appearance later that night. For a more complete account of the entire meal served during a recent Diane affair, […]

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