Apple-Butterscotch Frenched Rack of Pork Sous Vide

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Of all the crazy shit I do in my kitchen, I can safely say that the weapon of choice I return to again and again is my SousVide Supreme. When I’m busy turning pizza into flowers over a four day stretch, or experimenting with making ice cream hot (more to come on that) I still need to EAT. Sous vide is the easiest way to do that with panache but without having to babysit my dinner.  I predict that by […]

You Say Salumi I Say How High (& Please Vote for a Food Ninja)

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Pushing blood out of the femoral artery of prosciutto so it doesn't spoil

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for- it’s time to vote for your favorite Food Ninja. The submissions are in and it’s the witching hour, so get your clicking fingers ready and head over to Fuji Ninja’s voting palace to vote, baby, vote. Let’s get some of these Food Ninja’s the prizes they deserve. (Voting open until Saturday, October 30th at 10pm PST)

Perfectly linked salami

I can […]

Alice Eats Wonderland: Molecular Gastronomy Metamorphosis

Every great journey should be a metamorphosis, and I can think of nothing more life-defining from the canons of literature than Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. In deciding to embody Alice for this, the sixth challenge for Project Food Blog, I was able to approach food from a whimsical perspective, but by the end of the challenge whimsy gave way to growth and in fact I find myself renewed for having seen it through. If you enjoy this journey, why […]

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