Persimmon Pudding (En Sous Vide)

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The sleeper hit of Thanksgiving were these sultry persimmon puddings. Really they were more like persimmon panna cotta’s since they were so slippery, luscious and texturally succulent. Many of my more fortunate friends across the globe are swimming in persimmons … Continued

Molecular Gastronomy Hot Ice Cream (+ Hot-Buttered Drinks!)

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This post is going to be a tricky Technicolor dreamcoat to weave. I have a lot to say and I somehow have to tie it all up in a hot ice cream bundle and deliver it to your eyes in … Continued

Fried Bucatini Nests on Red Pepper Cream with Bacon & Pumpkin

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If you read that title and you still need convincing, there is probably very little hope for you in life. Go back to your meuslix munching and leave the artery clogging to me. Or maybe you need convincing because you … Continued

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