Smoke and Mirrors: Cranberry Sassafras Root Beer Goose

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I have been unfair lately. While it’s been fun brewing feet in malt beverages and fashioning cakes into thinly-veiled approximations of lady bits, the authenticity that makes Salty Seattle Salty Seattle has been lacking. You see, I don’t really eat like that, I eat like the food in this post, and it’s not nice of me to keep it from you for so long. I hope you haven’t forgotten about the part of this site that brings you wildly-experimental yet […]

MuffCakes: Hoecakes with Spun Sugar and a Cherry on Top

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When I decided to dive headlong into muffcakes I did so with some initial trepidation. You see, I am neither a cupcake nor a muffin lover. I thought perhaps it could be one of those rare cases when two un-scintillating things combine to make something borderline orgiastic- like when my parents made me, for example (smart, clever and humble too- watch out world!).

Nevertheless, when Angi from Rice and Wheat made up the word “muffcakes” during a twitter conversation with Mariko […]

Offal + Four Loko Sous Vide: My Birthday Gift to Me

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*Don’t try this at home- since it’s my birthday, I have temporary immunity

Many people think 4Loko represents all that is wrong with the world.

Many others contest that.

Many people think that offal is also wrong.

Many others disagree.

I decided to put the two together in a highly-calculated scientific experiment to determine whether:

The world would be righted because I put two wrongs together
The world would be wronged because I put two rights together
The world would remain unchanged but I would have quite […]

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