Chicken and Waffles Meets Modern Gastronomy

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Being the West coast wild child that I am, chicken and waffles wasn’t exactly a staple of my youth. Because of that, I had no qualms about eviscerating it to its very core and recreating it Salty Seattle-style.  If you are some kind of Roscoe’s purist, or your mama makes the best chicken and waffles this side of the great divide, you may not want to read about my bastardization. (There- full disclosure)

The first time I had chicken and waffles […]

Ode to Pizza

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Pizza. It is a thing beloved by millions of people across the globe, if not billions. It is something that inspires joy, lust, loathe, litigation, and fisticuffs. We all have our own personal journey with pizza; mine started at age five at Keystone Pizza in Mountain Home, Idaho.

Back then (in the olden days) the Chuck E Cheese craze had yet to sweep the nation and kids’ birthday parties were still hosted in backyards in the summer and independent pizza parlors […]

Duck Breast Stuffed with Jamon, Apple & Brioche

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The freedom of blog writing is often oppressive. You can say whatever you want; it’s your stage from which to project the deepest catacombs of your soul. That’s a lot of pressure when all you want to do is convey the succulent fortitude of a perfectly-stuffed breast of duck. But really, would you be splaying that Moulard for all the world to see if it weren’t for the events of your past conspiring together to make you who you are […]

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