Deconstructed Ice Cream Sandwiches with Chocolate-Laced Fried Potatoes

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When I tell people I was a vegetarian for more than 20 years, they mistakenly assume that I was on some kind of healthy high horse. On the contrary, I had literally memorized the phone numbers of my favorite ice … Continued

I Am Who I Am: Fava Gnudi, Nettle Emulsion & Elderflower Spring Onions

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I am sorry for my unexplained absence, planes, trains and jalopies whisked me off to faraway destinations like Los Angeles and Atlanta over the past week and change. In Los Angeles I ate extremely well (Gjellina, anyone?) and furthered my … Continued

Eat Your Wears: a Locavore Fascinator is MadCap Fun

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Summer is coming and with it, a full dance card. The weekends are filling up fast and the lingering question in our minds burning hotter than VD in a jacuzzi is “what on earth should I wear to all these … Continued

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