Goat Leg Osso Buco Sous Vide

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photo credit: victor@alcantaraphoto.com

Americans are squeamish about their meats. When I lived in Italy it was no problem finding horse, rabbit and goat meat, in fact it was the norm. I will never understand how someone can eat a cow with no problem but a bunny is deemed “too cute.” The whole business of butchery is a necessary and often gruesome evil no matter which animal you’re killing, so it doesn’t occur to me to eat my meats based on the […]

Bronte Pistachio-Chevre Fondue with Beet “Noodles”

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There are pistachios and then there are pistachios. The first time I had pistachios I was riding bitch in my dad’s Chevy Luv and he offered to let me “drive,” meaning he pulled me onto his lap and let me man the wheel. We hulled pistachios with our teeth and spit the shells out the permanently rolled-down drivers’ side window. I had so much fun I forgot my hard-earned lessons in toilet training and peed on his legs. I must […]

Raising Snails in the Wild West

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I have been remiss in posting here on Salty Seattle because I’ve been giving birth to a book. The Nudie Foodies book, that is. If you haven’t heard about it yet, please pop over to the Nudie Foodies website- the book will be available for purchase there on Monday, June 20th and we are looking for a few new nudies to take part in a fun contest involving doing good while nude with food, dudes.  Because of all the last […]

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