The Double Wide: Duck Confit Corn Dogs Doused in Fagioli al Fiasco

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A few weeks ago I visited a little resort town called Hailey, Idaho. I was in a biker bar, and by biker bar I mean place where mountain bikers go to tune their bikes and drink glass steins of beer with shots of Jaegermeister dropped inside. In this bar it was obvious that the focus was more on shot-taking and gear-tuning and less on quality control. The first thing that clued me in to this fact was the menu. They […]

Duck Nuggets Injected with Watermelon Ketchup: Balls You WANT to Bite

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*post updated to include watermelon ketchup recipe- sorry, didn’t realize you’d lynch me if I didn’t share.

About six months ago the phrase “duck nuggets” entered my cerebrum and it hasn’t left since. These words have haunted me like many others that spring from the fecund ether that is my unconscious mind, and I’ve finally chosen to make something of them, Urban Dictionary be damned. No, really, you don’t want to know how the Urban Dictionary defines duck nuggets, it will […]

Caviar Cornets

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If you know me at all by now, you know that I love turning classics into cornets. I did it a few months ago with eggs benedict and just recently with sea urchin and squid ink, which isn’t really a classic, but it made for a classically good cornet nonetheless. This time I decided to tackle buckwheat blini, crème fraiche and caviar- the staid staple of the Russian cocktail party set. Aside from learning which parts of my forearm are […]

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