Boozy Root Beer Float with Root Beer-Mint Ice Cream

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*Exciting update! The folks at Art in the Age who make Root liquor were pretty thrilled about this root beer float, so they offered me the chance to give some goods away to you. Much as they would love to give a bottle of Root, The Man forbids it, so they put together a box of Root swag for one lucky (US-based) winner.

It includes an Art in the Age logo tee, Root mug, coaster set, […]

Full on Oregon: A Docious Adventure

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Team #SmileHarder with Guide Brad (left) & Pilot Chris (rear)

*Special thanks to Andrew Wilder of Eating Rules, who took most pictures from this post unless otherwise specified.

Remember summer camp? Whistling with ten crackers in your mouth after swimming the length of the lake? Getting asked to the end-of-week dance by Petey Goldwyn (heir to the MGM crown) and turning him down because Gary Warsaw was way cuter? Ok, so maybe you didn’t go to summer camp with the spawn of […]

How I Learned To Cook- The Early Years

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oh lookie at me cookie

Pim Techamuanvivit of the blog Chez Pim made a resonant point on her facebook page recently. She said:

“It annoys me every time I hear someone say “I’m a self-taught cook/chef/whatever”. There is no such thing. You learn from SOMEONE, via books or eating or other experiences. Be grateful to those who came before you and acknowledge that lineage.”

Often I hear that cooks, food-lovers, even food-writers are “self-taught”. In fact, I am guilty of claiming autodidacticism in […]

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