Biscuits and Gravy Part Two: The Gravy

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This is a continuation of my lonesome ode to biscuits and gravy. Part one can be found here, which is all about biscuits. If you managed to wend your way through that behemoth ballad, you’ll find that you know everything there is to know about creating the bready backdrop to this staple of the south- country gravy.

When I began my quest to perfect this cornerstone dish of Americana cuisine, I focused more of my energy on the biscuit. I reasoned […]

Make Perfect Biscuits and Gravy Part One: The Biscuit

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There are more recipes for biscuits and gravy in the world than there are boob jobs in Beverly Hills. Many of them are passable, at best. Frustrated by the lack of a truly exceptional guide that takes into account all three aspects of the dish- making the sausage, coaxing it into rich, spreadable gravy, and, perhaps most important, crafting a biscuit that is at once tender but also sturdy enough to carry the sauce- I spent months developing the results […]