A New Chapter

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For the next three (six, nine, twelve?) months on Salty Seattle, you may be seeing less of this:

And this:

And this:

And instead be seeing way more of this:

Because after putting an offer on this five months ago:

We finally got word of a closing date, and it’s Thursday. As in two days from today. I have been reticent to share because at many points throughout the process of attempting to purchase this short sale property, not even Obe Wan Kenobi could provide […]

Salt-Killed Prawns with Corn Gnocchi, Matcha Sea Beans and Tobiko Butterscotch

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It’s been so long since I’ve shared something quintessentially Salty Seattle on this blog, that I figured- it’s time. I mean, what’s a girl like me doing blathering on about biscuits and giveaways when what you really want me to talk about is food sorcery, right? Don’t worry, I still get up to my artful antics several times a week, it’s just that with the advent of instagram, I find it so much easier to post pictures of the more […]