This bio is written in the 3rd person, which Linda finds incredibly lame, however she has succumbed to convention for the sake of popular conformity, which is something she does rarely and badly. See how hard she’s trying to please you? Such a giver, that Salty. If you want to check out Linda on tv, in magazines, and see her other curriculum vitae-worthy mentions, scroll down below the bio.

Linda in the kitchen, age 3

Linda Miller Nicholson lives in Seattle, and she’s an award-winning food writer, entrepreneur, and all-around bon vivant. She grabs attention with her fuchsia pants and a personality taller than a supermodel on stilts, but she captures hearts and stomachs with her writing, which is like a Technicolor journey through a pop-culture kitchen.

She’s cultivated a reputation for avant-garde food, but she makes replication compellingly-accessible. She’s made an indelible mark in the cooking niche known (for better or worse) as molecular gastronomy. Her work in the field has earned her the title of the “Lady Gaga of Food” by the Cooking Channel’s Food(ography).

She earned major foodie-cred during the years she spent at the core of the Slow Food movement in Torino, Italy. That experience anchors her culinary perspective and is never far from her whimsical take on New American Cuisine. She firmly believes that cooking should be from the hip and never staid or excessively traditional. In essence, she seeks to bring the best of the farm to the hippest of tables, and she inspires her readers to do the same.

She’s a recovering stiletto ninja; she hung up the nunchucks in favor of her current role as resident foodie fashionista (but she kept the Louboutins).  Hypermodern gastronomy makes her test tubes bubbleth over like a pent-up schoolgirl in the Juventus locker room. She’s out to prove that anyone can spherify and gellify with soul and like a pro without the investment of a degree in the culinary arts.

Her food reflects her personality; it’s from the earth and the heart. She pairs those rustic qualities with a sense of high drama that encourages visceral cravings and sometimes deep thoughts. This blog is her invitation to readers to look, touch, create, and taste this simplified, fun, and beautiful form of cooking.

Linda teaches cooking classes in a variety of subjects including burrata cheese and pasta-making, spherification, modernist technique and more.

She welcomes opportunities for recipe development, product reviews (kitchen gadgets, etc), and promotional appearances. Drop her a note: linda (at) saltyseattle (dot) com.

Salty Seattle Featured in the Media:


Television- Foodography, MasterChef USA, New Day Northwest, Komo4 News, Fox News


Web- The Today Show, LA Times, Publisher’s Weekly, The Independent (UK), Food 52 News, Zagat, Gothamist, The Food Network, Grist, Serious EatsSeattle Magazine, Seattle Metropolitan Magazine, Eater, Seattle Examiner, Seattle Weekly, The Daily Meal, Foodgawker, Tastespotting, Shutup Foodies, Foodista, Food News Journal, Fine Cooking, and Seattlest


Print- 425 Magazine, Seattle Child Magazine, Edible Communities Magazine, Seattle Weekly

Salty Speaking Engagements and Awards:


International Food Blogger’s Conference 2011- Ethics

Foodbuzz Festival 2010- Writing Workshop

Seattle Weekly Web Awards- Best Twitter Feed (food)

2011 Foodbuzz Awards Nominee: Best Writing Voice, Most Humorous Blog

Sous Vide Supreme Blog Ambassador

Electrolux Featured Blogger with Kelly Ripa and The Cake Boss

Regular Freelance Contributions:


Serious Eats, Grist, Seattleite Magazine

Charity Contributions:

Creator of the Nudie Foodies Cookbook benefiting Japan post-tsunami/earthquake

Cooking Channel’s Food(ography)
New Day Northwest King 5, NBC
Masterchef Promo, Q13 Fox News
Cooking Sous Vide Komo 4 ABC