How to Win St. Patrick’s Day

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There are two ways, but for the one I’m not going to deeply discuss, you must have massively protuberant nipples. If you don’t have massively protuberant nipples, proceed to the second paragraph. Or keep reading, if you just love to hear the sound of the words “massively protuberant nipples.” And feel free to say it five times fast. This method of “winning” is something that might fit into the Charlie Sheen definition of the word, so if that’s up your […]

Chocolate-Covered Chipotle Chicken Feet, a Valentine Treat

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Romance is in the air, I can feel it in my bones. My chocolate-covered chicken bones. It all started last week when I had houseguests on the way and nary a homemade confection to nestle upon their pillows during turndown service. One half of the visiting couple is particularly stringent about his food being unprocessed, thus something from (chicken) scratch was in order.

I thought about chocolate-covered strawberries, but after a day of travel, when I hit the pillow, I’m looking […]

When Life Gives You Pressure, Cook With It

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I have been under a significant amount of pressure the past year, mostly as a result of taking on the responsibilities of building a house without a general contractor or architect. Am I crazy for doing so (and for a myriad of other reasons)? Yes. Does that make me a prime candidate to write about my latest culinary obsession, which effectively takes the pressure off of me and contains it all within an eight quart metal pot? Also yes.

photo credit: […]

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