I Am Who I Am: Fava Gnudi, Nettle Emulsion & Elderflower Spring Onions

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I am sorry for my unexplained absence, planes, trains and jalopies whisked me off to faraway destinations like Los Angeles and Atlanta over the past week and change. In Los Angeles I ate extremely well (Gjellina, anyone?) and furthered my career while spending time with people who know very little about the intricacies of working in the food space. It was refreshing, filling, and resulted in the purchase of a new dress. In Atlanta I ate beige conference food and […]

Man of the Millenium? Nathan Myhrvold and His “Modernist Cuisine”

Taco de Asador

The book that launched a thousand one-eyed salutes in the pants of food geeks across the globe was the literal elephant in the room during dinner at the Intellectual Ventures Laboratory (IVL). This lab nee motorcycle machine shop is where every parametric recipe and epic image present in Modernist Cuisine was developed, created, tested, replicated and documented by Dr. Nathan Myhrvold, Chris Young and Maxime Bilet along with a team of dozens of stagiares.

Lab Kitchen- Maxime Bilet, left

I […]

How an American Soldier Eats in Iraq

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*It’s tricky for a soldier to lug around a DSLR camera while deployed, hence these decidedly non-food geek point-and-shoot shots.

I’m going to call this a “guest post” of sorts. Brad, a close friend of mine from childhood,  is in the Army. I don’t see nearly enough of him nowadays, because he’s been busy bomb-dodging in Iraq. I appreciate that there are people like him in this world willing to do what they do so that I can enjoy a relatively-bucolic […]

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