The Delicate Bones of a Girl and a City

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I’ve been a busy girl the last couple of weeks. I didn’t get up to near enough kitchen hijinks, though I’ve managed a fair bit of fun. But it’s not all mischievous merriment in the life of Salty Seattle. You see that picture up there that opens this post? Well that, my friends, is the game of skee-ball, except I’m playing it wrong. Instead of dancing on the skee-ball court, you are supposed to calmly roll small, wooden balls up […]

Cruisin’ The Caribbean

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I just returned to shockingly sunny Seattle after a week sailing the ocean blue on Windsurf, a Windstar Yacht, through the Caribbean Isles. I am tanned, relaxed and in possession of a vow not to drink for at least three days. It’s kind of like I took a wine-soaked detox from the travails of existence in the northern latitudes. Any detox that involves drinking copious amounts of vino is one I will always sign up for. As one fellow passenger […]

Detroit Part Deux: Featherbowling meets Mountain Dew Jelly

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Lafayette Coney Island

Right after I crammed some 30 White Castle sliders into my greedy gob and got offered a job at a strip joint on Eight Mile, my pal Stephanie carted me off to Lafayette Coney Island for a Coney Dog or three. It is a matter of citywide pride that Detroit “does Coney Island better than Coney Island.” To a left-coaster such as myself, these words fall upon deaf ears, since I wasn’t even sure what exactly the dining […]

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