Food Porn: A Thanksgiving Public Service Announcement

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Life has been triple-teaming me lately (that’s not some thinly-veiled menage a trois reference, you perv), and as such, about the only social media I can manage is quick pic updates on my Instagram feed. Building a house is no picnic, but doing it in November with no heat, well let’s just say I will REALLY appreciate that kitchen! those floors! and that fire-retaining pizza oven! once it’s all over- in like 50 years.

I have been thinking of you fondly, […]

It’s Cocktail Time: The French 69

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I switched headgear a few months ago from a feathered fascinator to general contractor’s hard hat, and since then I haven’t had nearly as much time in the kitchen as I would like. And no, this isn’t some twisted chef’s hat version of YMCA, although if you keep reading, things do get kinky.

As you either know or can imagine, building a house is full of interesting challenges, and in the case of our current remodel, we’re less than halfway done. […]

Renovation Saga Week 4: Chainsaw-Wielding Crazies

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The renovation saga continues this week with even more toe-curling excitement. Remember this tree that was in the living room?

You may recall that we discovered it was totally rotted through and resembled the texture of balsa wood. That’s not exactly the kind of column you want supporting a roof, especially when that roof is meant to be planted. So the big order of business this week was to take down the tree, and let me tell you, we totally got […]

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