A New Chapter

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For the next three (six, nine, twelve?) months on Salty Seattle, you may be seeing less of this:

And this:

And this:

And instead be seeing way more of this:

Because after putting an offer on this five months ago:

We finally got word of a closing date, and it’s Thursday. As in two days from today. I have been reticent to share because at many points throughout the process of attempting to purchase this short sale property, not even Obe Wan Kenobi could provide […]

Salt-Killed Prawns with Corn Gnocchi, Matcha Sea Beans and Tobiko Butterscotch

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It’s been so long since I’ve shared something quintessentially Salty Seattle on this blog, that I figured- it’s time. I mean, what’s a girl like me doing blathering on about biscuits and giveaways when what you really want me to talk about is food sorcery, right? Don’t worry, I still get up to my artful antics several times a week, it’s just that with the advent of instagram, I find it so much easier to post pictures of the more […]

Win It: The Biggest Giveaway A Food Blogger Has Ever Given Away!!!!!

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*disclaimer: Revelation S. Public Relations graciously donated my soul© for the purposes of this blog post. They did not force me to write anything nice about it (except for in the contract that they made me sign in my own blood) and they did not compensate me for making any of the below claims (they did buy me a Mercedes, but it was totally unrelated). All of my opinions are my own, even though I discovered that I was a […]

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