How I Feel About Semi-Homemade

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If a recipe calls for a box of cake mix, it’s not a recipe. -The controversial tweet (mine) that launched this tirade

The big push to get everyone back into the kitchen at the expense of quality has gone too far. We don’t expect everyone to be skilled at the art of blacksmithing or horseplowing just because more people knew how to do it back in the day, so why cooking? Some people are good at it because they have the […]

Cinco De Mayo Meets Derby Day: The Menu

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*Update: Here are Pictures from the actual Cinco De Derby-

I embellished my sombrero with live flowers for a truly hybrid look.

Right after this next shot was taken, he went on to win the race. He sure was tiny!

Here is the start of the food and cocktails portion of this post:

Maybe you’ve noticed I’ve been a little distant lately. It’s not because I’m not cooking- I am. Like, a lot. It’s been hard to document it all to share with […]

Biscuits and Gravy Part Two: The Gravy

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This is a continuation of my lonesome ode to biscuits and gravy. Part one can be found here, which is all about biscuits. If you managed to wend your way through that behemoth ballad, you’ll find that you know everything there is to know about creating the bready backdrop to this staple of the south- country gravy.

When I began my quest to perfect this cornerstone dish of Americana cuisine, I focused more of my energy on the biscuit. I reasoned […]

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