SaltySeattle the blog, R.I.P., lived a prolific and lauded life from 2009 through early 2013, but SaltySeattle aka Linda Miller Nicholson the person, is still very much alive and engaged in the world of social media. She’s currently got all things colorful pasta on the brain, and frequently updates these social channels:

Instagram @saltyseattle

Facebook thesaltyseattle

Twitter @saltyseattle

Snapchat saltyseattle

One day this site may return from its metaphorical cryogenic state as a way to inform you lovely people about upcoming classes, workshops, dinners, media appearances, and long-form projects, so don’t give up hope. If you’re looking for more immediate fulfillment, either connect via one of the means listed above or email Linda at linda(at)saltyseattle(dot)com.

From sun-drenched cavatelli to an emoji ravioli series, rainbow bowties to Murakami murals, Linda does it all with pasta. Here are some recent creations:

cav emoji FullSizeRender noodlesbowtiesmurakami