Handmade Tagliolini with Garden Tomato Ragu

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A couple of days ago, I woke up excited for my morning run and there was no mistaking it- autumn had decided to rear the drizzly tendrils of it’s rainy mane.  In Seattle especially, this comes with a touch of bittersweet irony every year since our summers are just so painfully short.  Because that particular run happened to be 9 miles, I felt justified in eating to my heart’s content when we were able to snag a last second reservation […]

Cascina Spinasse: Capitol Hill’s Ode to Piedmont

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Having a baby significantly diminishes most parents’ capacity for dining out, at least in the types of establishments they likely used to frequent.  When Bentley Danger was born a year ago, Jonas and I were excited to take him to all our favorite haunts.  One day when he was about two weeks old, we were strolling about downtown trying to get the hang of not ramming people with the Orbit  and we decided to pop in for a quick early […]

The Inspiration for Pollo Involtini

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I am often inspired to create a menu based on what’s fresh and seasonal at the local market.  Alternatively, I may come across a recipe in a cookbook, on David Lebovitz’ blog, or via Cook’s Illustrated that is just too tantalizing to pass up.  It has happened in the past that I have been inspired to serve or make a particular beverage by the aquisition of new and interesting glassware. Case in point the four glass jugs of different batches […]

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