Salt-Tasting Soiree

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For several years I have had the desire to host a salt-tasting party, I simply lacked the impetus. Until now.  You see, I’ve always felt the salty soiree should have serendipitous timing all around, and that wasn’t possible in days gone by.  For me, everything had to be essential, perfect, balanced.  The food, the guests, the salts, the level of engagement- the whole shebang.  When I finally decided a few months ago that the signs were looking auspicious to host […]

Handmade Burrata 2 Ways: Raw Rhubarb & Fava Froth + Fresh Chickpeas & Pita

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Burrata. I love to make it, love to eat it, love to serve it.  I heart it in Italy the most since it’s often made from water buffalo as opposed to the plain ol’ cow we tend to use here in the US.  I resorted to learning how to make it myself last year after a particularly poignant visit to Piedmont that was bathed in burrata superiority.  I returned stateside, tasted one rubbery bite of store-bought burrata and avowed I […]

Burrata Pasta Pillows: it’s Love at First Bite

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After spending an oozingly satisfying morning making burrata from scratch, I knew I had to have a superlative plan for serving it later that night.  The whole crew who came along for the burrata adventure was going to be there, and I wanted them to experience the efforts of their toils in a way they would not soon forget.  The task was compounded in difficulty by the fact that I was pretty insistent upon doing multiple courses with different […]

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