State of the Union: I’m a Foodie and I Like It

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*I’m taking the opportunity of this post to display a few photos by the lovely and talented Jackie Baisa. She came over and taught me how to make pretty pictures, and in the process took a few herself. If you ever need pro photos, she’s your woman.

**If you live in Seattle, tune in to New Day Northwest on King 5 TV this Monday, March 7th at 11am. I’ll be whipping up some science food and causing hijinks.

My kingdom is a […]

What? You’ve Never Heard of Bolognara?

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Bolognara is a smash-up between two classic Italian pasta dishes- Bolognese and carbonara. I suppose I could also call it carbonese, but I like bolognara better- there is something less awkward about it. It’s about the most non-traditional thing ever, and I don’t want to get bludgeoned to death by stalwart supporters of the old world, but it’s really the perfect antidote to the typical holiday fare gracing our tables this season I couldn’t resist. Shhh, don’t tell your Italian […]

Quail Egg Raviolone aka Inverted Carbonara

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I’m on a bit of a pasta kick these days that involves putting the egg on the inside.  A few months back I made a duck egg raviolo appetizer that complemented the fresh white Alba truffle I shaved over it perfectly.  Now that the Alba truffle season is passed and my inner foodie snob will not allow me to substitute domestics or French blacks, I’m forced to pair my eggs with such exotic ingredients as bacon (really going out on […]

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