Sourdough-Comte Beef Wellington + Water Pitcher Giveaway

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This post is part of the Doughvember series. Read on, for the giveaway of the week. In case you’re not caught up, Nicole from Pinch My Salt and I are raising awareness about sourdough baking throughout the month of November. If you want to participate, either make a starter (use Nicole’s handy instructions!) or revive your starter, and post, tweet or otherwise fling sourdough from the rooftops. If you’re the posse type, @ me on twitter and I’ll add you […]

Fiori di Pizza / Pizza Flowers

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Another week, another Project Food Blog Challenge-Pizza.  I deeply appreciate you voting thus far, and I hope you like this entry enough to vote again. This time I had to reach deep into the caverns of my mad mind to come up with a pizza made at home worth weeping big salty tears over. Then I hatched a plan to spherify those tears, but that’s a tale for another time over a big-girl-sized glass of wine.  Not having a pizza […]

Smoked Fresh-Killed Chicken with Cottage Cheese Triple Cream Noodles

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Dinners that elicit utter silence in guests are the ones to strive for. When the food takes precedence and words simply do not form in your head, you have achieved something great.  This was one of those meals.

It all started a few weeks ago when an amazing blogger friend stated “You cook the most exotic food. Do you ever just roast a chicken?” I decided to take it as a challenge, because truth be told, I rarely just roast a […]

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