Charlie Sheen Crepinettes: Eat ‘Em and Sleep

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*Before we jump into cooking for Charlie Sheen, I wanted to share a video of yours truly whipping up Green Eggs and Ham and stirring up silliness on local talk show, New Day Northwest. Enjoy!
If you’re like me, you’re beyond tired of hearing about the tigerblood-addled antics of Charlie Sheen. It’s a sad state of affairs when the world cares more about Charlie and his two sets of young, dumb funbags than, say, eradicating poverty. I’ve decided to take […]

Moulard Breast with Spring Cherries, Sweet Peas and Yukon Duck Fat Fries

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I went to the market today in search of duck and came home with an eye of beef round with which to make bresaola. Yes, bresaola. The Italian cured meat. Yes, it takes more than a month to make. Yes, there are bacterial dangers. Yes, I will have to convert my old wine fridge to the tune of some extra cashola for humidifiers, temperature controllers and fans.  Yes, I am singlemindedly obsessed. But hey, at least I remembered the duck […]