How an American Soldier Eats in Iraq

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*It’s tricky for a soldier to lug around a DSLR camera while deployed, hence these decidedly non-food geek point-and-shoot shots.

I’m going to call this a “guest post” of sorts. Brad, a close friend of mine from childhood,  is in the Army. I don’t see nearly enough of him nowadays, because he’s been busy bomb-dodging in Iraq. I appreciate that there are people like him in this world willing to do what they do so that I can enjoy a relatively-bucolic […]

Ode to the Fig: Salad with Figs and Chicken en Sous Vide

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Consider the fig. It is a harbinger of the season to come. The chill it forebodes rests lightly on the back of my tongue every time I enjoy a quarter, or, a greedy fat half. Medjool, Mission, Calimyrna all influenced by terroir, sun, slope. This year, I have fallen in love with the humble fig, […]

How to Kill Your Chicken and Eat it Too

*Disclaimer: some images in this post may be considered slightly graphic in nature. I have chosen to present those images as thumbnails. Click to reveal a full-sized version. This post is an entry for Project Food Blog Challenge #4 which asks contestants to create an instructional photo tutorial. If you like it, vote using the Project Food Blog contestant widget in my right sidebar (scroll down) from 10/11-10/14.

As bloggers we have, at the minimum, a social responsibility, and, some argue, […]

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