Chocolate-Covered Chipotle Chicken Feet, a Valentine Treat

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Romance is in the air, I can feel it in my bones. My chocolate-covered chicken bones. It all started last week when I had houseguests on the way and nary a homemade confection to nestle upon their pillows during turndown service. One half of the visiting couple is particularly stringent about his food being unprocessed, thus something from (chicken) scratch was in order.

I thought about chocolate-covered strawberries, but after a day of travel, when I hit the pillow, I’m looking […]

Sourdough Fettuccine with Chocolate-Lamb Ragu

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Have you gone completely insane like me? Do you keep your sourdough starter on your counter in two separate containers that you’ve affectionately named Toby and Sassafras? Are you constantly in search of things to do with the starter, to the point that this week you’ve tucked it into chocolate cake and stew and next up you’re thinking of building a sourdough car?

I’m guessing probably not, which is why I need an intervention. Like stat. It’s really bad, people. I […]

Studio 54: A Disco Dinner

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*This post is an entry for Foodbuzz’ Project Food Blog. The prompt: host a luxury dinner party.  If you like it, vote for it using the widget on the sidebar starting Monday 10/4-Thursday 10/7. I would like to thank my guinea pigs guests- Jamie, Robert and Patrick, Ethan and Efrain, and my stellar husband, Jonas.  They gamely got in fancy dress, played along, and brought their A-game.

When I think of luxury I think of hedonism, bacchanalia and excess. Studio […]

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