Studio 54: A Disco Dinner

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*This post is an entry for Foodbuzz’ Project Food Blog. The prompt: host a luxury dinner party.  If you like it, vote for it using the widget on the sidebar starting Monday 10/4-Thursday 10/7. I would like to thank my guinea pigs guests- Jamie, Robert and Patrick, Ethan and Efrain, and my stellar husband, Jonas.  They gamely got in fancy dress, played along, and brought their A-game.

When I think of luxury I think of hedonism, bacchanalia and excess. Studio […]

Duck Roulade- Oh My God

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I’m probably somehow cheating by systematically selecting the more appealing-sounding recipes to prepare first from The French Laundry. It would be more equivocal if I just started on page one and worked my way through to page 326, but I’m going to allow myself a little flexibility.  It’s not like I’m making the deliberately easy-seeming recipes. It’s just that usually, if given the choice amongst all the fish, fowl, and four-legged beasts, I can’t help but gravitate toward duck. That […]

Smoked Mangalitsa Jowl with Okinawan Gnocchi, Favas & Fresh Chickpeas

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There is a lot going on with this dish and yet each mouthful is pure, refreshing, almost crisp.  The multi-layered flavor profile of the Mangalitsa pig jowl probably has much to do with the fact that the rest of the dish unites so beautifully. There is a lot to cling onto in the jowl, and it helps each of the other ingredients to shine in a different way.  I had the great pleasure of meeting Heath Putnam recently, proprietor of […]

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