House Renovation Sagas Plus Macadamia-Tempura Shisito Peppers

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Some cliches are cliché for a reason, and peeling back an onion is no exception. The metaphor applies to remodeling a house so aptly, my eyes are watering just thinking about it. If you’ve been following the renovation saga, you already know that this tree exists in the living room:

Well, not for long. As it happens, last week was punctuated by the discovery of dry rot all throughout the improperly-dried trunk, which, if left untreated, could lead to our roof […]

Moulard Breast with Spring Cherries, Sweet Peas and Yukon Duck Fat Fries

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I went to the market today in search of duck and came home with an eye of beef round with which to make bresaola. Yes, bresaola. The Italian cured meat. Yes, it takes more than a month to make. Yes, there are bacterial dangers. Yes, I will have to convert my old wine fridge to the tune of some extra cashola for humidifiers, temperature controllers and fans.  Yes, I am singlemindedly obsessed. But hey, at least I remembered the duck […]

Notes on an Anniversary Dinner at The Corson Building

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I had never been to the Corson Building but have been very happy with head chef Matt Dillon’s other enterprises around Seattle (including the newly revamped Sitka and Spruce) so thought it would be an appropriate setting for our third anniversary.  The actual structure and grounds of the building itself cast a spell on me the moment I arrived, and Jonas and I spent an enchanted half hour sipping an aperitif walking the spaces in marvel.  An Italian family is […]