One Hawt Mess: Sourdough Lye Bagels with Sous Vide Souffle’s

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This is a powerhouse post. If you stick around to the end, you’ll walk away with two mind-bending recipes, each containing enough magic sparkle sauce to put a permanent spell on a dishy prince (should that be your aim). You will also learn a lot, but not in a “Charlie Brown versus the Adults” kind of way, more in the “let’s all get together and figure this out while singing Kumbaya”-style.

So first, you remember how it’s Doughvember? If you need […]

Corn Cream with Quail Egg Yolks in Daffodil Coronas

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Daffodils symbolize hope, rebirth and new beginnings. I want to share daffodils with everyone reading this because we could all use a little hope in our lives. Many people who I love are enduring various stages of grief.

One lost a father to disease after a long, complicated struggle.

Another is haunted by the death of a friend and fellow soldier. He lives every day not knowing if the latest round of mortars will claim more life (including his own). The world […]

Duck Confit Poutine Burgers- I Dare You To Resist

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Depending on where you grew up, you would answer the question- “what is your favorite comfort food?” differently. In the heartland of the good old US of A you might say a burger and fries. In the land of well-placed neck scarves, the Eiffel tower and baguettes with Bordeaux, you may exclaim- duck confit, oui oui oui! If you were reared with a side of English to go along with your heaping mouthful of French and you went to grammar […]

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