Food CAN Induce Orgasm: Steak Ceviche & Plantain Fries

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A few weeks ago my family joined some friends of ours on their sailboat. I brought beef tenderloin that I cooked sous vide so that it would be easy for the boat owner Ron to quickly sear on his boat barbecue. He wasn’t familiar with the technique, being more of an outdoorsman than a cook, but I explained that sous vide could fit very well into his lifestyle as it’s essentially the least attention-demanding form of cooking around. Sous vide […]

Ode to Pizza

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Pizza. It is a thing beloved by millions of people across the globe, if not billions. It is something that inspires joy, lust, loathe, litigation, and fisticuffs. We all have our own personal journey with pizza; mine started at age five at Keystone Pizza in Mountain Home, Idaho.

Back then (in the olden days) the Chuck E Cheese craze had yet to sweep the nation and kids’ birthday parties were still hosted in backyards in the summer and independent pizza parlors […]

Braised Breast of Veal with Polenta Cakes, Glazed Vegetables, and Sweet Garlic

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What the hell is a breast of veal? Breasts come from squab, ducks, chickens, and plastic surgeons, commonly. The average chap doesn’t often think of the breast of a baby cow, but Thomas Keller is no average person, I’m coming to find out. It turns out veal does have a breast, and it’s a pretty hefty thing indeed. I chose to make this recipe for my awesometastic toddler Bentley Danger’s 2nd birthday, occurring on the intriguingly-auspicious 08.09.10. Why Linda, don’t […]

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