Deconstructed Ice Cream Sandwiches with Chocolate-Laced Fried Potatoes

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When I tell people I was a vegetarian for more than 20 years, they mistakenly assume that I was on some kind of healthy high horse. On the contrary, I had literally memorized the phone numbers of my favorite ice cream shops within a 60 mile radius so that I could call ahead and check on the flavors of the day to see if it was worth wrangling a ride to get a man-sized scoop or three. My very favorite […]

The Story of My “Creative” Life (A Tomato Contest)

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I submitted an entry into the Queen Anne Farmers Market Holy Tomato! Contest last week. The objective: showcase the glory of the tomato. The parameters? None. What would you do? What do you think I did? Apparently I’m predictable as all get out, in more ways than one, since everyone who saw my dish (who knows me or my blog) took one look at it and knew I created it. I guess that means I have a niche, but sometimes […]

Lavender Crema Pasticcera-filled Chocolate Ravioli with Shuksan Compote

I’m applying for a patent on this one. It is going to be very difficult to describe the extraordinary nature of this dish without employing the use of exuberant expletives, but I will try.  It all started with a strawberry picking and tasting adventure a mere one hour from Seattle and yet worlds away.  As my city-slicking Mercedes rolled through the gentle flats of the Skagit Valley, signs encouraged drivers to “slow down and follow your nose” which I did […]

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