It’s Cocktail Time: The French 69

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I switched headgear a few months ago from a feathered fascinator to general contractor’s hard hat, and since then I haven’t had nearly as much time in the kitchen as I would like. And no, this isn’t some twisted chef’s hat version of YMCA, although if you keep reading, things do get kinky.

As you either know or can imagine, building a house is full of interesting challenges, and in the case of our current remodel, we’re less than halfway done. […]

Buttermilk-Beer Sous Vide Fried Chicken & Paprika Gravy

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Many of us bloggers wrestle with the amount of time we spend cooking, photographing, writing, and promoting ourselves. Often we arrive at a crossroads- is it worth it? Should I quit? The fact of the matter is, I couldn’t quit if I tried. I would feel like my child had been ripped from my useless arms without this blog.

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Ahi Poke in Rice Cornets with Mango Caviar and Lemongrass-Meyer Lemon Bubbles

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Just when I think it might be nice to gnaw on a simple roast and gaze contentedly out the frost-paned window whilst puffing on a pipe wearing a sweater with elbow patches, THE DARK SIDE CREEPETH FORTH. The Dark Side has a voice and it sounds suspiciously like James Earl Jones. I’m at the butcher shop, fingers fondling an enticing slab of chuck, and The Dark Side says, “How the hell are you going to modernize a roast, Salty? You […]

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