Morels with Sous Vide Souffle & Hominy Gnocchi- An Ode

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When life gives you morels you toss them on a lightbox with a sous vide hen egg soufflé and a bunch of other cool and tasty shit, right? Yeah, me too. In this case, “life” happened to be my mushroom-hunting homie Jon Rowley, a seafood legend, who magnanimously bestowed so many of his self-gathered morels on me I had whirls of fungi dancing before my eyes without eating anything in the hallucinogenic family. But then, these ‘shrooms incite fantasies almost […]

Eat Your Wears: a Locavore Fascinator is MadCap Fun

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Summer is coming and with it, a full dance card. The weekends are filling up fast and the lingering question in our minds burning hotter than VD in a jacuzzi is “what on earth should I wear to all these parties?” Well, my pretties, you can stop fretting in your fiddleheads because I’ve got you covered for at least one salty soiree.

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Morel-Fiddlehead Marsala Primavera on Beet Fettuccine

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*After you read this post, you should go have a look at what The Nudie Foodies are doing for Japan. It’s food porn at its finest, all for a great cause.

Is there a soul on the planet who is aggrieved by the approach of spring? Really, what’s not to love? I especially welcome the nubile tips of frigid bulbs poking up from beneath rain-loosed soil. The spoils of the earth finally make a verdant appearance on the plate and […]

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