Port-Braised Oxtail Cakes on Yellow Corn Polenta- It’s the Little Things

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Fact: when you stack things, they taste better.

Proof: ice cream cones, layers of cake, s’mores, and now this. What is this, you ask? It’s the silver lining. Yesterday I failed, albeit deliciously. Today I succeeded.

I turned a soggy pile of oxtail mush into a panko-fried cake and I put it on a round of polenta. Then I topped my savory “sundae,” but not with a cherry. Instead I used a port-poached plum. I love dessert, I really do. But as […]

A Delicious Failure: Oxtail Ravioli with Caramelized Duck Demi-Glace

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A delicious failure. This could be the title of my autobiography rather than the title of my dinner. There’s just something so tragicomic about it, no? If my life was full of exquisite meals yet devoid of the true tenets of success, I suppose I would be ok- who needs a white picket fence and neighbor’s named the Joneses anyway?

However I won’t be satisfied in my career if I only make food that tastes good. It has to be well-executed […]

Ribeye Sous Vide with Port-Brie Compound Butter & Caramelized Onions

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*update- here is the news segment augmentation to this post, featuring the SousVide Supreme, which aired Wed, Jan 19th on Komo 4 News:

If you live in Seattle and you’re desperately seeking entertainment around the 4 o’clock hour this Wednesday, January 19th, why not watch me make steak live on the news? I can assure you there will be ample opportunity to laugh, and who knows- I may even accidentally light the set on fire. You wouldn’t forgive yourself if […]

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