I WON Project Food Blog* !!! (*not really)

But Salty, how is that possible? It’s not even over! (Plus, we all seem to remember you getting eliminated- did you finally lick the brown acid off the spherified slice of encapsulated pie?) I know, I know, but really, it’s true- winner winner chicken dinner right here over in my little single-wide slice of cyberspace- how about you? Are you a winner too?

Here’s the thing. Project Food Blog, hosted by Foodbuzz, was/is a contentious contest that generated a shitstorm of […]

You Say Salumi I Say How High (& Please Vote for a Food Ninja)

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Pushing blood out of the femoral artery of prosciutto so it doesn't spoil

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for- it’s time to vote for your favorite Food Ninja. The submissions are in and it’s the witching hour, so get your clicking fingers ready and head over to Fuji Ninja’s voting palace to vote, baby, vote. Let’s get some of these Food Ninja’s the prizes they deserve. (Voting open until Saturday, October 30th at 10pm PST)

Perfectly linked salami

I can […]

Green Eggs and Ham

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*I would love your vote over at Foodbuzz’ Project Food Blog. Voting is open now, but just for two days. You can check out the competition and vote for my entry here. Merci a million!

Dear Nature’s Pride,

I am a from-scratch kind of gal; consequently I rarely have store-bought bread in my kitchen. I was extremely pleasantly surprised to sample your Country Potato Bread and to find it luscious both in flavor and texture. You might be extremely (pleasantly, I hope) […]

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