A Delicious Failure: Oxtail Ravioli with Caramelized Duck Demi-Glace

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A delicious failure. This could be the title of my autobiography rather than the title of my dinner. There’s just something so tragicomic about it, no? If my life was full of exquisite meals yet devoid of the true tenets of success, I suppose I would be ok- who needs a white picket fence and neighbor’s named the Joneses anyway?

However I won’t be satisfied in my career if I only make food that tastes good. It has to be well-executed […]

Quail Egg-Lardo-Morel Ravioli

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So I shove quail eggs into ravioli with extreme regularity. Sue me. Eating yolk ravioli is like having sex with a chubster- you don’t want to admit you do it all the time, but it’s so blubberingly good you can’t resist. Imagine wrapping yourself in warm pockets of pork belly, closing your eyes, and just BEING an orgasm. Remember that Caribbean masseuse who moonlights as a wet nurse and calls you “babygirl” as she rubs you down with aloe dripped […]

Duck Confit Cappelletti with Deconstructed “Orange Cream Soda”

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I have been staring at the images of this dish for three days attempting to come up with a cohesive explanation for why my mind works the way it does. This is how it happened- I hope you enjoy your stroll through the moldy catacombs of my mental avenues.  Come, let’s take a journey through the process of recipe development.

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