Venison Valentine: Buck Red Velvet, We Want Meat

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Fresh off the heels of bacon-wrapped bacon and chili con carne soused in Velveeta for the superbowl comes the weeklong gag-me season of red velvet everything. A quick scan of the interwebs reveals red velvet cake pops, red velvet cheesecake, red velvet panna cotta, and even red velvet cosmopolitans- in the case of that last one, NO, two wrongs don’t make a right so don’t even think about it. Put down the cocktail shaker and man up, you namby pamby […]

Nettle Gnudi with Crisped Sous Vide Duck and Rhubarb Reduction

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It’s springtime in Seattle and the land is engorged with possibility.  You don’t need to go farther than your own neighborhood to make a meal fit for royalty, let me show you.  I cook by feel rather than by rote more often than not, and it’s a good habit to be in if you want to focus on seasonality. Rather than go to the store armed with a nitpicking recipe and a fastidious commitment to detail, loosen up. Go with […]

Truffled Edamame Rotoli in Sauternes Broth

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This is one of the most attractive pastas I have ever made, on the inside and out.  As the dutiful author of a Seattle food blog, I owe it to you to share, but it’s so dang good I was this close to keeping this little gem in my secret bag of tricks.  The striking green color peeking out the layers of rotoli whets even the most finicky appetite.  This dish is a pan-global crowd pleaser, borrowing just a little bit […]

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