Doughvember and Tales of a Bone Break

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sourdough crumb

*Update: If you’re up for participating in doughvember and you’re on twitter, tweet me and I’ll add you to the twitter list @saltyseattle/doughvember. You can follow along with other participants there as well as via hashtag #doughvember.

No blog is ever truly a food blog, is it? Sometimes life gets in the way and you have to share a little of your current situation- even if it’s really embarrassing- along with your recipe for Beef Wellington.

I have a big […]

Crock Pot Kitsch: Pulled Pork Sliders on Homemade Kaiser-esque Rolls

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I finally broke down and bought a crock pot.  I can actually technically say crock pot, since crock pot is a proprietary term coined by Rival, the company who started the craze back in 1971, and that’s the brand I’ve got in my meaty clutches.   I had very little desire for one of these contraptions until we had a horrendous week-long heat wave in Seattle last July.  Since it’s Seattle and we hold steady in the temperate high 70’s for […]