One Hawt Mess: Sourdough Lye Bagels with Sous Vide Souffle’s

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This is a powerhouse post. If you stick around to the end, you’ll walk away with two mind-bending recipes, each containing enough magic sparkle sauce to put a permanent spell on a dishy prince (should that be your aim). You will also learn a lot, but not in a “Charlie Brown versus the Adults” kind of way, more in the “let’s all get together and figure this out while singing Kumbaya”-style.

So first, you remember how it’s Doughvember? If you need […]

Bronte Pistachio-Chevre Fondue with Beet “Noodles”

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There are pistachios and then there are pistachios. The first time I had pistachios I was riding bitch in my dad’s Chevy Luv and he offered to let me “drive,” meaning he pulled me onto his lap and let me man the wheel. We hulled pistachios with our teeth and spit the shells out the permanently rolled-down drivers’ side window. I had so much fun I forgot my hard-earned lessons in toilet training and peed on his legs. I must […]

Margarita Meringues

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This quickie dessert is freakishly easy to pull together and impresses the pants off your booze-brined compadres post-dinner. It combines two of my favorite things- Margaritas and eggs. It’s also suitable for those with little bundt cakes in their easy-bake ovens (ie preggies) and also bundt cakes that have emerged from easy-bake ovens (ie children). That’s because the alcohol gets cooked out, but don’t fear. It’s the perfect dessert to wash down with a pint of Patron, which will really […]

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