What? You’ve Never Heard of Bolognara?

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Bolognara is a smash-up between two classic Italian pasta dishes- Bolognese and carbonara. I suppose I could also call it carbonese, but I like bolognara better- there is something less awkward about it. It’s about the most non-traditional thing ever, and I don’t want to get bludgeoned to death by stalwart supporters of the old world, but it’s really the perfect antidote to the typical holiday fare gracing our tables this season I couldn’t resist. Shhh, don’t tell your Italian […]

Cranberry-Sous-Vide-Versus-Stovetop- “Sauce-Off”

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No giant feast is complete with some kind of contest, be it an attempt to float gummy bears in a river of Pabst or a quest to determine who can eat the most twinkie-weiner sandwiches in five minutes while whistling. On American Thanksgiving (a holiday you might’ve heard of but more likely you know about the holiday the day before entitled Wild Turkey Wednesday which involves drinking Wild Turkey shots until poker matches involving betting socks and Tablewater crackers ensue) […]

Pork Tenderloin Cranberry Agrodolce on Sunchoke Gnocchi

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There are a passel, no a fat lot of words you should avoid when discussing food, and revelatory is one of them, as are all its forms: revelation, revelatory et cetera. But WTF is a girl to say when she truly, unmistakably has a REVELATION when she puts something inside her mouth? How can you describe a dish that has revelatory qualities WITHOUT using the word revelatory? Let’s try and skirt it, shall we? This is gonna be AWESOME, or […]

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