Should I Go Rural to Get Closer to My Food?

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In the spirit of pursuing things that matter in the new year, I’ve been distilling my priorities. I am the type of person whose home reflects the state of her inner monologue. If my home is clean and orderly, so is my head and heart. I can work, cook, and generally have a more positive outlook. I love my current house, but I’m starting to grow restless.

I am fortunate to live in a single-family home that is very near the […]

Duck Confit Cappelletti with Deconstructed “Orange Cream Soda”

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I have been staring at the images of this dish for three days attempting to come up with a cohesive explanation for why my mind works the way it does. This is how it happened- I hope you enjoy your stroll through the moldy catacombs of my mental avenues.  Come, let’s take a journey through the process of recipe development.

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International Food Bloggers Conference: Sex, but No Drugs or Rock n Roll

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When I was younger I would regularly attend Grateful Dead shows, The Glastonbury Fest, Lollapalooza, the Oregon Country Faire, and the like (this was pre-Burning Man). At the end of each of these festivals, I would head back to reality wiping away tears, sweat and grime, stunned by the thundering display of humanity and spirit present during the gathering of so many souls. Speaking generally, a fair bit of mood-heightening substances would likely have been consumed over the course of […]

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