Confessions of a Foodie: Homemade- How Far is Too Far?

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I’ve done it now. Gotten myself in too deep and forgotten a step- now it’s too late! Will my guests realize the cream cheese is store-bought? Should I feign illness and beg-off when it’s really that I’m ashamed of serving something that is not homemade, even if it’s only a condiment?

A few days ago I read this article and it made me think long and hard about my approach to holiday cooking.

In life I’m spontaneous and a […]

Sourdough-Comte Beef Wellington + Water Pitcher Giveaway

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This post is part of the Doughvember series. Read on, for the giveaway of the week. In case you’re not caught up, Nicole from Pinch My Salt and I are raising awareness about sourdough baking throughout the month of November. If you want to participate, either make a starter (use Nicole’s handy instructions!) or revive your starter, and post, tweet or otherwise fling sourdough from the rooftops. If you’re the posse type, @ me on twitter and I’ll add you […]

Doughvember and Tales of a Bone Break

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sourdough crumb

*Update: If you’re up for participating in doughvember and you’re on twitter, tweet me and I’ll add you to the twitter list @saltyseattle/doughvember. You can follow along with other participants there as well as via hashtag #doughvember.

No blog is ever truly a food blog, is it? Sometimes life gets in the way and you have to share a little of your current situation- even if it’s really embarrassing- along with your recipe for Beef Wellington.

I have a big […]

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