Cinco De Mayo Meets Derby Day: The Menu

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*Update: Here are Pictures from the actual Cinco De Derby- I embellished my sombrero with live flowers for a truly hybrid look. Right after this next shot was taken, he went on to win the race. He sure was tiny! … Continued

Venison Valentine: Buck Red Velvet, We Want Meat

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Fresh off the heels of bacon-wrapped bacon and chili con carne soused in Velveeta for the superbowl comes the weeklong gag-me season of red velvet everything. A quick scan of the interwebs reveals red velvet cake pops, red velvet cheesecake, … Continued

Don’t Eat Worms, Eat Sourdough Pretzel Rolls

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As humans, we put a lot of things into our mouths. Stop and think for a moment: what has passed by your pearly whites on its way to your esophageal heaven today? I’ve had tea, several tiny French lavender mints, … Continued

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