Duck Breast Stuffed with Jamon, Apple & Brioche

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The freedom of blog writing is often oppressive. You can say whatever you want; it’s your stage from which to project the deepest catacombs of your soul. That’s a lot of pressure when all you want to do is convey the succulent fortitude of a perfectly-stuffed breast of duck. But really, would you be splaying that Moulard for all the world to see if it weren’t for the events of your past conspiring together to make you who you are […]

Beet Gnocchi Flambé That Will Make You Weep

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*If you live in the Seattle area and you want to see me make these gnocchi live this weekend, you’re in luck. Sunday January 23rd at 2:00pm I will be demonstrating beet gnocchi technique on the cooking stage at the Bellevue Home Show. I welcome hecklers and supporters alike, but what I’d really love is for someone to throw a sweaty bra at me. If you can oblige, by all means, meet me at the home show.

A few weeks […]

Beet Spheres, Verjus Ice, Thyme Bubbles

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*Ok, ok, y’all hate reading white text on black background. This site redesign is for you because I love you, but I want you to know how deeply this cuts. You see, it’s the story of my life. Little known fact: I’m half-black, but I’m packaged in this damn white skin. My mom is all brown and beautiful with a great rack (I can say that, right?) and perfect tone. I always wished I looked more like her, but no. […]

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