Chicken and Waffles Meets Modern Gastronomy

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Being the West coast wild child that I am, chicken and waffles wasn’t exactly a staple of my youth. Because of that, I had no qualms about eviscerating it to its very core and recreating it Salty Seattle-style.  If you are some kind of Roscoe’s purist, or your mama makes the best chicken and waffles this side of the great divide, you may not want to read about my bastardization. (There- full disclosure)

The first time I had chicken and waffles […]

Smoke and Mirrors: Cranberry Sassafras Root Beer Goose

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I have been unfair lately. While it’s been fun brewing feet in malt beverages and fashioning cakes into thinly-veiled approximations of lady bits, the authenticity that makes Salty Seattle Salty Seattle has been lacking. You see, I don’t really eat like that, I eat like the food in this post, and it’s not nice of me to keep it from you for so long. I hope you haven’t forgotten about the part of this site that brings you wildly-experimental yet […]

Persimmon Pudding (En Sous Vide)

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The sleeper hit of Thanksgiving were these sultry persimmon puddings. Really they were more like persimmon panna cotta’s since they were so slippery, luscious and texturally succulent. Many of my more fortunate friends across the globe are swimming in persimmons right now. I am not. This is a travesty I would like to correct at some point in my life, but I’ve been told there is little hope if I continue to reside in Seattle.

Persimmons, like kumquats this time of […]

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