Tropical Sailing Adventure with Fine Wine & a Top Chef

You are in the doghouse. You need a way to dig yourself out, but no amount of jewelry, flowers or chocolates seems to be working this time. Here’s your solution- trust me, your lover will eternally remember this Valentine’s Day gift as the best s/he’s ever gotten:

Picture yourself in a boat on a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies. Now imagine that boat is a large-scale sailing vessel and that river is actually a meandering sea, swollen with the […]

Goose Bourguignon with Beet Gnocchi

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French purists and Julie and Julia-philes, avert your eyes! Did you know that you could bourguignon things besides beef? Did you also know that “to bourguignon” is actually a verb? Yes, it means “to make delicious via copious amounts of wine- preferably Burgundy.” You see, coming to SaltySeattle frequently’ll learn you something every time, won’t it?

Here’s the thing. A fair number of us make a Christmas goose. Problem is, goose meat left on the carcass after it’s been grazed over […]

Project Food Blog: Where Meat, Dresses & Blogging Collide

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In the kitchen with my sous chef, Bentley Danger, age 2

For two weeks I’ve been staring at these words: what defines you as a food blogger and why should you be the next food blog star? I’ve tried staring at the words at 6 am whilst catching the sunrise and slamming back a glass of freshly-juiced Chioggia beets. I’ve tried making sense of the words at midnight, port-goggles in full effect. I’ve allowed the words to ruminate in my head […]

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